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Který náš hudební počin vás nejvíce oslovil?

Days (2348)

Walkaround (2247)

Postlunch poetry (2346)

Tight jeans (2590)

So bad (2221)

Kterou kapelu preferujete?

Nirvana (2416)

Alice in chains (2399)

Pearl jam (2499)

Soundgarden (2368)





So bad (So Bad Demo)

I am so high, so high on the other side

Smile upon my face, It’s a blaze in my mind

I feel so bad

Like an animal

It’s strange in my place, I am wonder

That’s the way for away

It’s only maybe, I don’t know what’s the matter

Now I change the world

Earth is turn, turn, turn around, just it’s right

Face to face my love

I’m walking in the wood, in my dreams

But morning is powerfull

That is all OK

This is my way

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