Brevi Manu


Který náš hudební počin vás nejvíce oslovil?

Days (2348)

Walkaround (2247)

Postlunch poetry (2346)

Tight jeans (2590)

So bad (2221)

Kterou kapelu preferujete?

Nirvana (2416)

Alice in chains (2399)

Pearl jam (2499)

Soundgarden (2368)





Jerks (Jump Jerk!!! - 2008)

Facing flaming comet hurtling through the milky way through the way

Bottle of venom can be bought over the counter everyday


Suggestion is wild to play

One drop have fun by now


Do you wanna suck one of who you wanna be

Do you wanna fuck one of who feel free

Do you wanna suck one of woodoo manner wanna be

If you suck one woodoo member you will feel like bee


No name sheep digging

Clerk master bullet

Emotions in a grave

Hey dolls to play


Papa don’t die

Mama don’t cry

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